March 9th, 2006


Update on things

-Still Unemployed
-Spent $8700 of my severance to fix 4 sewer line leaks under the house. Stressing about not having a job now more than ever.
-Phone interview Friday morning at 8am
-Guest bathroom is still torn apart. Painted it last week and hate how it looks. Need to go buy more paint for it
-Started painting the living room. Fireplace looks great though. Deciding which of two colors I like. Plus waiting for a buddy to drop off his extention ladder so that I can reach the ceiling.

-Tomorrow starts Esprit de Corps. Discipline Corps annual weekend run. Looking forward to it. But as the coordinator for the event, I'll be glad when its over.

Oh, and if anyone cares to ask me a question or two this month, ask away. I'll answer anything you want to know. Questions will be screened.