March 20th, 2006


State of the Cub

-Bathroom Repainted, Vanity and Sink pulled out, Floor ripped up. Now to find a new vanity and sink that I like for the guest bathroom
-Bought paint for the living room. Bricks on fireplace painted (previous owners had painted it 4 different shades of white)
-Finished watching Season 2 of "24" this weekend.
-Applied for a few jobs. Have 3 interviews this week. All within a reasonable drive from the house. We'll see how they go.
-Dad is here in Dallas this week, but he is in training this week. They asked him if he'd stay at the host hotel with the other people in his class, so I'm home alone again this week.
-Looking forward to TBRU. I didnt register, but a good friend of mine is coming in from Delaware for it. We've already made plans to hang out and smoke a few cigars together.
-Parents called and said they are heading to Dallas in a few weeks. Gotta book hotel and rental car for them. Sucks that I am no longer eligible for the $25/night employee rate. It would have been nice if they had extended that to us for a few months after they laid us off.
-Make that 2 interviews this week. Coca-Cola just called and informed me that they have decided not to fill the position at this time, but they will give me a call if that changes.
-Chatted with [Bad username: demcub"] on ICUII last week.
-Saturday, while Dad and I were driving around, we stopped at Operation Kindness. Dad really wants to get another dog so that Sparky has a playmate. If he was home more, I'd be ok with it. But 2 dogs would be too much for me to deal with especially when I get another job. Although I did see a german shepherd puppy that we both fell in love with. So, you never know

Other than that, things have been the usual around here. Rather uneventful lately