March 21st, 2006


Today's Interview

Interview today went pretty well. Not great, but not bad. I am one of 10 candidates who made it to the 3rd round of interviews. I'll find out in a week or so if I made it to the next round.
I strongly suspect that the guy I interviewed with was gay. hot looking man with a goatee, jeans and a button down polo with fur sticking out. It was hard keeping my mind on the interview. Although it could have been my wishing that he was gay, but my gaydar was definitely in overdrive during the interview.
Walking out to the elevator, he introduced me to a guy that works in the department I'd be working in. This guy had on a Turtle Creek Chorale sweatshirt and the guy I interviewed with made mention of hitting the bars for a cocktail when the day was done.
Not sure if I'll make it to the next round, the position as he described it was a little over my head, at least from my perspective, but I did my best to convince him that I was more than capable to handle the job.

Tomorrow, I have 2 interviews scheduled. The first one is with a sporting goods supply company as a financial analyst. I did a little research on them tonight and have a few concerns about their stability, but that is something that I'll ask during the interview tomorrow.
The 2nd one is with a company I interviewed with in 1999 before I was hired at Wyndham. The recruiter pulled my resume off of the internet and noticed that I had applied there before. The phone interview went very well today, so we will see how the in-person interview goes tomorrow.