March 28th, 2006


Latest Happenings

Well, not much going on here since last week.
Still looking for work. Had a phone interview today. I was told that they would call me by the end of today if they wanted me to come in for a face-to-face interview. Since its 4:30pm, I'm going to assume that they decided to pass, which is ok with me. I think I was asking for a higher salary than they were willing to pay.

I had a great time over TBRU, even though I didnt attend many functions. Thursday, I met my friend David at his hotel. We grabbed something to eat then spent the rest of the afternoon smoking cigars in his room. Thursday night, I headed out to the Eagle for a few beers. I left around 1am when the crowd was beyond standing room only. But it was fun. I actually met a few guys that lived here in Dallas that I've never seen out before.

Friday, I spent the day working on things around the house. Bill came home Friday night from his training around 7pm. We talked about going out, but decided to stay at home. Saturday was a repeat of Friday, except we heated up the spa and relaxed with a few cigars and wine.

Sunday, I took Bill to the airport, then went to a cigar buddy's apartment for Brunch. I hung out there for a while then headed to the Hidden Door for a few cocktails. Met up with Scott and Jason. Drew came a short time later, then David and a buddy showed up. Ran into a few other people that I knew, then headed home around 6pm. Cooked some dinner and chatted with my parents and Bill. Chatted with jaybear a bit on bear411 for a bit while he was waiting for someone to show up. Chatted with a few other guys that were in town for the event. Two guys mentioned seeing me at the Door earlier and told me I should meet them at the hotel to hang out, but I wasnt really in the mood to make the 30 minute drive back to the hotel.

Other than that, just been working around the house, cleaning things up for when my parents get here in 2 weeks.
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