May 16th, 2006


(no subject)

Today's interview went very well. The position is a new one that is being created at the request of one of their major clients. Since ICS handles all of the tranactions for this customer, he is requesting that they hire someone to analyze their sales, receivables, collections, etc.
The manager that interviewed me spent 20 minutes telling me about this particular customer. Calling him "very anal and demanding." She also referred to him as "Dr.Jeckyl one day, and Mr Hyde the next" and asked me how I would deal with that type of personality. My response was to tell her how I dealt with a certain Senior VP when I was with Wyndham. I told her that although I may get frustrated with it, in the end, it is my responsibility to get him what he is asking for as soon as possible and to keep him happy. I told her that I was familiar in handling difficult customers especially ones that would constantly change their minds on what they wanted.
I really wanted to tell her..."pay me well, and I'll deal with anything", but I'm not sure what the salary is for this position yet. I did tell her what my minimum salary requirements were when she did her initial phone screen. So we'll see if I get the job offer or not.

Talked to Dad for a while. He's in Denver this week working with his 2 trainers there. Both of which have informed them that they are transferring from Denver sometime in June/July. That means that he'll be spending a few weeks in Denver over the next few months trying to fill the positions again.

Besides the interview today, I also worked at Wyndham Worldwide for an hour this morning working on their Meridian MAX reports. Of course, they couldnt find the manual for me to look things up so I told them I was going home to research things online and that I'd be back tomorrow. Tamie told me to wait until Monday because Cendants (Wyndham's new owner) telecom guys were coming and she wanted me to meet with them. Oh well, at least its added income for me for now.