May 28th, 2006


Update since last week

Monday - Worked at Wyndham Worldwide for a hour trying to create more reports for them. Turns out the system was down and no one bothered to call and tell me. I.T. worked on it but couldnt get it running. wasted morning!
Spent the rest of the day waiting for HR from ICS to call me so that I could run in and sign paperwork.

Tuesday - I went to ICS to sign paperwork for the new job. My vacation time is still approved for September, but I'll only get 3 of those days paid. Oh well, at least I have the time off.
Stopped by Concentra to piss in a cup for them so that my new employers can get results back from a drug test.
Back to Wyndham in the afternoon. System still not up and running. Of course, on my way out, they get it fixed and I'm stuck there for 2 more hours.

Wednesday - Went to Dallas Summer Musicals' Box Office at Preston and Royal to exchange our tickets for "Little Women". Dad is flying to San Antonio on the day that we originally planned to attend, so I went to see if we could exchange them for another date.
I'm really not sure if I want to go to see this or not. I've read some reviews on it and most of them have not been good. But after seeing "Phantom of the Opera" a few weeks ago, Dad and I decided to purchase season tickets since there are 3-4 shows we do want to see.

Thursday - I ran a few more errands, then picked Dad up at the airport. We stopped and had dinner at Thai-rrific.

Friday - Dad and I decided that it was time to get the carpet replaced in the living room and dining room. The previous owners had small children and pets, so the carpet isnt exactly in the best of shape. Of course, it was cheap carpet to begin with. We signed the paperwork to have the carpet replaced in the living room, dining room and bar area, and to replace the carpet in both bathrooms with ceramic tile. We then spent the rest of the day looking for new vanities/sinks for both bathrooms as well.

Saturday - Worked around the house a bit. I worked on painting the living room ceiling. Normally when I paint, I would have let the ceiling alone, but the previous owners had used 4-5 different shades of white paint on the ceiling. I managed to get 1/2 of the room done. Trying to paint vaulted ceilings is a hard thing to do when you are only 5'9", and the ladder is only 6'. We did get the playroom painted. Now if we can just get it organized so we can play in it.
The next project will be the spare bedroom.
Found a vanity/sink and medicine cabinet that we liked for the guest bathroom. Now I just have to wait for the tile to arrive so that it can be installed and then I can put the vanity in.

Sunday - Relaxing day so far. Dad and I are just sitting out on the patio smoking cigars and chatting with friends online. Occasionally jumping into the pool to cool off.
Tonight, we are off to see "Little Women".

Tuesday, I start my new job at ICS. I hate starting over at a new place. Add to that, the fact that this position is something entirely new to me, I am a little on edge these days. I know I dont have any reason to be stressed yet, but I am feeling stressed about it. Oh well, I'm sure i'll get over it once I start.

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Dad and I just got home from seeing "Little Women" at the Music Hall at Fair Park.

It was ok. Not a great show and not a bad show. The first act was just horrible though. The actresses over exaggerated their facial expressions, the singing was pretty forgettable. The only saving grace was the actress who played Jo. Even though she was the understudy, she sounded great.
The second act was much better and I am glad we stayed after the intermission.

Our next show that we see is "Bombay Dreams". Looking forward to seeing that one. "Little Women" was the only one on the calendar for Dallas Summer Musicals that I really wasnt excited about seeing.