June 28th, 2006


Update on things in the life of Me

Update on things in the life of Me

Work - its going ok. I'm finished with training. I was supposed to meet the client that I am supposed to be doing analytical work for today, but he called yesterday and had to cancel his trip to Texas. Everyone who has dealt with him seemed happy that he was cancelling except for me. Now that I am finished with training, I am looking forward to working with him on his account. It's hard to create reports and analyze data when you don't know what your client wants. In the meantime, I have been given a lot of "busy work" to keep me occupied. Not that I mind, but I wasnt hired here to do data entry and filing.

Home - Things are good at home too. Tile is done in the bathroom. I still need to head out and buy stuff for a new baseboard, ceiling molding, and put the sink and vanity back in. New carpet is arriving on July 22nd, so I'll need to clean out the cabinets in the living room and dining room.
- Dad is home this week and next, so we are actually getting to spend some time together. Sunday, after helping him set up his training room at the Oaklawn center, we went to the Door for a few drinks. Afterwards we went to dinner, but for some reason, I wasnt feeling too well. For some reason, I couldnt get cooled down and was starting to get sick. Finally, I couldnt sit there any longer and headed out to the car. I turned the A/C on full blast and finally cooled down a bit. By the time we got home, I was feeling much better.
- Sunday, we have tickets to see Les Miserables at the Music Hall at Fair Park. I am hoping that this show will be better than the last 2 that we have seen at Fair Park. Two weeks after that, we will be seeing Mama Mia.

Other than all that, things are ok in my world. I've been going through a slight depression period for the last week. Usually they pass, but for some reason, I cant seem to shake this one. I am almost to the point where I wish I had a reboot button. Something that I could press, that would shut me down. After a few days, I could press the button and things would be up and running fine. Unfortunately, I dont have one, so I guess I'm going to have to find another way to reboot myself. Right now, the best thing that I can come up with is spending a few hours in/by the pool with a good book to take my mind away from everything around me. Not sure if that'll work, but its worth a try.