August 6th, 2006


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Been a while since I've posted anything. Work is still going good. I should find out tomorrow if my trip to San Diego is a day trip or a 2 day trip. I'm really hoping for the 2 day trip.

Other than work I havent really been doing too much. I went out with a few former coworkers from Wyndham the other night. Had a fun time, especially checking out the guys on bikes pulling into the parking lot of the bar. I need to hang out there more often :)

I really need to get out more when Dad isnt home. I spend most of my evenings watching tv or chatting online. I should do more productive things like go to the gym once in a while. Since I've started back to work, I can tell that I have put on some weight. Need to lose some of it before heading to Inferno and Delta next month.

well, off to watch Deadwood.

Brooklyn the Musical

Forgot about this...
We ventured down to the Musical Hall at Fair Park today to see Brooklyn starring Diana DeGarmo of American Idol Season 3 and Melba Moore The show was ok as the singing at time was very painful to listen to. I was disappointed in Melba Moore's performance. At times it seemed like she was screaming the lyrics instead of singing. Diana, on the other hand, was fantastic. Her solo in "Once Upon a Time" was great and had a lot of people on their feet after she was done.
The funniest part of the whole thing occurred prior to the show starting. Now, I've read the reviews of the show and knew that they were bad. Heck, Dallas Summer Musicals was offering a free ticket to another event if people bought tickets to Brooklyn But Dad and I had bought season tickets this year and thought we'd give it a shot at least.
Five minutes before the start of the show, the theater was maybe 50% full. Suddenly there was an onslot of people coming it. They had moved almost all of the people that were in the balcony section to the orchestra section so that it would appear to a full house. I'm actually glad they did that, as I know I wouldnt like to be on stage and look out to see a half empty crowd.

Anyways, this is one show that I definitely won't be purchasing the Original Cast Recording.