August 26th, 2006


The past 2 weeks

Damn.. i didnt realize that its been 2 weeks since I last posted anything. So here is an update on things:

Work - Suffice it to say I'm tired of looking at trial balances for my client's customers. I spend most of my work week analyzing these accounts and producing a summary for my client. That part isnt that bad. The bad part is trying to contact the customers to find out why they are showing things on their balance sheet that we arent showing. If you send me a balance sheet on the 1st and another on the 15th, I would expect that there are things on there dated between the 1st and the 15th. What I dont expect are things dated January and February. When I ask why they werent on the report that I was provided on the 1st, I'm told.. "Oh, we forgot to include that last time" Ok.. that excuse worked for the first few reports, but not for the latest ones.

Trip to San Diego to visit client - The trip went very well. It was great to finally meet the client in person. and it was especially great to have him shake my hand and tell me what a great job I am doing in front of the senior VP of my company who didnt think I had what it takes to handle this "difficult" client. and yes, I was grinning ear to ear after that. When I got back to the office on Thursday, members of the Senior management team stopped by my cube at various times of the day to tell me that they heard I did a fantastic job during the meeting.
The only thing I really hated about the trip was that it was a day trip. Up at 5:00 to catch a 7:00am flight. Got there at 8:30a for a 9:30 meeting. We broke for lunch at noon and returned to the office to wrap things up. I was back at the airport by 2:30pm. Luckily, or so I thought, since I didnt have any checked baggage, I was able to get on the 3pm flight back to Dallas instead of waiting til the 5pm flight. My flight was supposed to land at DFW at 8:00. We landed at 8:15pm and sat at the end of the airport because of lightning in the area. 50 minutes later we pulled up to our gate.
Work let me expense the parking at the airport, my mileage to/from the airport, and Sparky's kenneling for 2 nights, which I thought was cool of them.

Homelife Dad's been in Kansas City and Denver these past 2 weeks. Tomorrow he leaves for New Orleans for a few days.
I've decided to start back at the gym again. To motivate me to keep going, Dad is to give me 20 licks with the rubber strap for every day that I miss. Now, those of you who read this regularly, will say to yourselves.."For someone who likes paddling and strappings, how is this a motivation" To you, I say this.. these 20 licks will not be part of a "play session" in that there will be no warmup and will be full swing. These will be treated like a punishment session and those of you who know Bill, know what he is capable of with a strap. To those who don't, I say this..Punishment sessions are very different from our play sessions, in that the punishment sessions are not what either of us want. Dad hates giving them and I hate receiving them. Needlesstosay, the only day I missed the gym this week was Wednesday when I was in San Diego, which was excused. Of course, I had to do pushups, situps and krunches when I got home that night.
I also missed the gym today, but that was because my car broke down yesterday at the gym and after getting it started, it had to go to the garage today. So my workout today was walking from/to the garage to pickup my car along with situps and krunches. $121 later, I'll be back on my workout schedule tomorrow after dropping dad off at the gym. I'll probably jump into the pool later to swim a few laps around it also.

Other than that, everything else is going good. My new boots arrived yesterday, so I've been breaking them in. They are the first custom made boots that I've had done and considering I provided the guy with my measurements, they fit pretty well.

Well, off to do a few more krunches :)