November 4th, 2006


Birthday Plans

So my birthday falls over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend this year. Bill thought it would be great it we went somewhere this year. In theory, its a great idea. Unfortunately, the travel gods arent in my favor tonight.
Since I cant get any time off of work until 2007, we have to come back on the 26th (my birthday), which is a Sunday. Most of the flights for that day are over priced, since it is a busy travel day.
So I'm spending my evening trying to decide where I want to go and find a place that isnt going to break our budget. Fun Fun and more fun.
Oh, and traveling out of the country (i.e. Toronto, Vancouver, etc) is out. Bill doesnt have a passport and he doesnt have a certified birth certificate. He only has a copy of his hospital birth certificate and according to most websites that I checked, that birth certificate isnt a valid one.

Oh, before I forget.. Happy Birthday to bearpawly. Hope you had a great day!