November 30th, 2006


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The trip to New Orleans was a blast. The gay bars were dead though. I actually had more fun in the other bars at the other end of the Quarter. and honestly, I think there were more gay people at that end then there were down by Bourbon Pub and Lafittes.
Highlights of the weekend were:
--Boat tour on Friday
--Losing money at Harrah's
--Karaoke at Cat's Meow
--Drooling over the bass player Thursday night at Razzoo's

Unfortunately the St Charles Street Car wasnt running yet, so we didnt get to do some of the things we wanted.
Food at most places was great, although there are a few places that I thought were overrated.

I'll post more about the trip, including pics later in the week.

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One other thing - I love how the new stations down here sensationalize everything


Hell, last night before the cold front moved in, they had reporters doing remotes from bridges saying.."Well, it's starting to get colder out here.." No shit Sherlock. You are standing on a f-cking bridge while a cold front is approaching.

Gotta love it