February 22nd, 2007


Update on Grandma

Well, my parents and my aunts/uncles met yesterday to discuss the options that the doctors gave them for the treatment of my grandma.
They decided against the surgury. They consulted a neurosurgeon and a cardiologist and both of them said that she would not survive the surgery. The surgery would also require removing part of her brain, which would leave her bedridden for the rest of her life. For an active woman, this would definitely kill her, if the surgery doesn't.
The doctors said that without the surgery, grandma will probably only live 3-5 more days. They assured us that she wouldnt be in pain and that they would keep that monitored. Eventually she will get tired, fall asleep and not wake up again.
The family decided not to involve Grandma in that decision. I guess I can understand it to a point. Knowing that she only had a short time to live would make her last few days a living hell. She would spend the time worrying about my Grandfather and every one else.

My sister told me last night that it doesnt seem like Grandma is dying. She and Grandma had a full conversation about my nieces and nephew, even Bill and I got mentioned in the discussion. She is fully aware of what is going on around her and thinks she is ready to go home.
My sister asked if she was in any pain, and my Grandmother's response was: "No, it doesnt hurt. I feel like a bumped my head on the cabinet door again."

My Dad is going to call me today while he is at the hospital so that I can talk to her. I wont be able to get to PA until the funeral, as I only get 3 days bereavement, and I dont have any time off accumulated at this point.

Anyways, time to head back to work. Hugs to all