March 3rd, 2007


Another Update

Well, my Grandmother is still hanging in there. Last Wednesday, February 21st, the doctors told my family that she had 3-5 days to live. We are now on day 10. My grandmother is one tough woman.
My Dad called last night to tell me that I should really come home for at least a weekend while she is still with us. So I'm planning on heading home this coming weekend.

I was really torn about going home. A lot of it being selfish on my part. This coming weekend is Esprit de Corps weekend, an annual event that Discipline Corps puts on. This year, I am President of the club, plus, when our run captain resigned, I took on the role of EdC Coordinator. Honestly, with everything that has been going on with me lately, I need EdC to relax and get my mind off of things.

Of course, booking a flight for next weekend is not easy, as I'm sort of on a budget right now. My parents offered to pay, but I dont want to have them incur that expense. My Dad is retired and my mom is close to retiring, so they are on a budget as well.

I'll be talking to my Dad and my mom later tonight, trying to decide how I am going to get home.

Wish me luck. Hugs to all