March 17th, 2007


Update from PA

Arrived Thursday night at 11pm. made the 2 hour drive home to my parents because I really didnt want to stay in Pgh for the night. I'm glad I did due to the snow storm that arrived.

To those of you that live in the Northeast, let me apologize to you. It seems every time I go back to PA, there is a snow storm. This time we got around 8" of snow.

I dropped by to see my grandmother at the nursing home yesterday. I sat down beside her and told her I was there. I held her hand and she grabbed a hold of mine. She mumbled something that neither my father or I could recognize, but at least I know that she knew I was there. I told her that I was doing well and that she need not worry about me. I told her that everyone was looking after my grandfather and that if she needed to go that everyone would be taken care of. She squeezed my hand a few more times.

I stopped by to see my grandfather. He is definitely lost without my grandmother. He told me that he was proud of the man that I have become and said that he wished that he hadnt treated me so badly growing up. Long story, but lets just say that between my cousin Dreu and me, I was the least favorite of the two and my grandfather was not shy about showing his preference to Dreu over me.
I told him not to worry about it, that is was in the past. Before I left, he told me again how proud he was of me.

I spent most of today with my 2 nieces Sara and Haley. Building forts in their living room and playing with their toys. My other sister and her family were supposed to be here today also, but my sister is afraid to drive in the snow so I didnt get to spend time with them today. Hopefully tomorrow before I head to Pittsburgh.

Anyways. Sorry again for the snow. Hugs