April 27th, 2007


Update on Things

So, I guess I havent posted in a while. Things have just been crazy around here and I havent had time to do much of anything. So here is a brief update:

Truck - I love it.. Of course, it got its first windshield chip 3 days after I bought it. No scratches yet, except on the bed when Dad and I went camping. New bedliner and tinted windows are coming soon.

Camping - I had a great time camping with members of Discipline Corps. I didnt play that much but it was definitely a much needed relaxing trip

House - New front door was installed yesterday. It definitely changed the appearance of the house from the inside and outside. Next up - siding.

Work - still kicking my ass. 12 hour days plus a few hours on Saturday. Hopefully it'll slow down sometime. But, for someone who was out of work this time last year, I'll take busy over slow any day.

Love life - going good. Dad isnt travelling as much so we are getting to spend some good quality time together.

Grandmother - She is still hanging in there. Its been 2 months now. Amazing for someone who was given 72 hours to live. She has her good days and bad days. Some days she is alert and somewhat able to communicate. Other days, it is hard to get a response out of her. I guess, from what my father told me, they are starting her on speech therapy next week.

Other stuff - We got invited to attend Boot Camp in June. I managed to get the week prior off at work, so we are going to be in SF for a few days taking in the sights. It should be a fun time.

Tomorrow we are off to see WICKED. Hopefully, Ill like it because I have tickets for May 3rd to see it again :). Dad will be out of town, so if any one local would like to go with me, let me know. The seats arent the best (balcony, center section, 3rd row),but better than most.

Hugs to all. - Mike