July 9th, 2007


Back Home in Texas

I had a great time in Colorado. I'll go into more later, but here is a slight recap of the trip.

Wednesday, July 4th - Dad and I were supposed to arrive in Denver at the same time. His flight had mechanical problems. He arrived 2 hours after I did.
Watched fireworks shot over the marina in Frisco, Colorado. Great show!

Thursday, July 5th - Whitewater Rafting down the Arkansas River - Full Day tour. Great trip, except for the 30 minute thunderstorm complete with marble sized hail in the afternoon. Hell, our guide Maggie said it was something that she hasnt experienced in her 7 years of being a guide. The lunch that was provided to us was a steak, salad, and assortment of fruits and veggies.
Found out when we got back to the office that 2 people in another tour companies group died in a rafting accident not far from where we entered the river.

Friday, July 6th - Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Found out that I really am out of shape. Cool waterfalls though.

Saturday, July 7th - Rode train through Royal Gorge. Then drove to Pikes Peak to ride the Cog Train to the top.

Sunday, July 8th - Returned rental car, got Dad checked into his hotel for his class this week and headed to the airport. Bumpy plane ride home complete with screaming babies.

Home now and ready for bed.
More to come later.
Hugs to All