September 9th, 2007


Things going on lately

Tonight I pick Dad up from the airport from his camping adventures in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Right now his flight is scheduled to arrive at 9:30pm. I did chat with him earlier while he was waiting for his connecting flight in Chicago. Tomorrow morning I'll take him back to the airport for his trip to Oklahoma City. He'll be there til Tuesday night. Then he is home Wednesday and Thursday. Friday he leaves for Los Angeles. I wont see him until I fly out to LA on the 21st. Im starting to feel abandoned.

Things have been ok since he's been gone. I've had my good days and bad days. Work hasnt helped much and the work stress, at one point, shot my depressed mood into overdrive. I did get a chance to talk to him on Tuesday for a little bit which helped things out tremendously. It was nice just to be able to vent to him about things.

Of course, on Tuesday he also informed me about some things that transpired at the PA Camp. He told me to put on my "president's" hat because it was something that as President, I would have to deal with. Luckily, the situation resolved itself this week prior to our board meeting Friday night.

Work has been extremely rough this week. I had to deal with an angry client, customers who dont want to pay their invoices, a team member who parties with her friends, then comes into work hungover and leaves early because she is sick. There were also a lot of system issues this past week so I couldnt get my work done.

Friday night was the club's bar night at the Eagle. I had a few cocktails and chatted with a few friends. Ran into a guy that I hadnt seen in a while and chatted with him a bit.

Saturday, I worked around the house. Then headed to the Eagle after watching Texas win its game. Ran into a few friends that I havent seen in a while. Chatted with them for a while. When they left, I headed home. Came home and signed online. Talked to a few online buds then headed to bed.

Today, I went into work for a few hours, then headed to our monthly play party. Attendance was down because a few of the regulars were at camp in Michigan.

Well, need to get ready to head to the airport to pick up Dad. Get him home some he can get some rest before his 7am flight tomorrow.

Hugs to all.