November 22nd, 2007


Back Home in Texas

Thanks to everyone who left messages, called and emailed regarding my grandmother's death. It was greatly appreciated.

The trip home gave me an opportunity to see people that I have not seen in years. I've actually made plans to get together with some people when I go home for Christmas.

Work has been hell since I got back. There have been some changes with the team and I am now trying to find a replacement for one of my team members. We had hired someone last week and things started out somewhat ok. My new hire started her official training last Thursday. Tuesday, when I got back to work, I asked her how things were going. She said that it was "Overwhelming." We talked about it for a while and I asked her whether Cheryl, our trainer, had given her any assignments to complete before her afternoon training class. Jan, the new hire, said that she had some MS Outlook things that she needed to do (i.e. setting up her signature, turning on spell check, out of office message) and to send screen shots to Cheryl. THREE hours later, she was still working on it, even though she was given step by step handouts from Cheryl. I talked to Cheryl after training that day and she said that Jan did not complete the assignment correctly and that they spent more of the afternoon going over MS Outlook.
Jan's assignment for Wednesday was to re-do the MS Outlook setup and to do set up her voice mail. She spent all morning working on it again. That threw up another red flag. So while she was at lunch, I told Cheryl that I wanted to evaluate her Excel skills that afternoon rather than her sitting in training. Part of the requirements for the position included intermediate Excel, Word and Outlook. During her interviews, she stated that she worked with Excel and Outlook on a daily basis. Obviously, she was not that knowledgeable about Outlook.
While Jan was at lunch, I downloaded 1000 lines of data that Jan would be using on a daily basis. When she got back, I asked her to create 3 tabs at the bottom and name them ABC, CHC, MCK. I told her to move all information related to ABC, CHC and MCK to their respective tabs and sort by reference number. Once she completed that, I asked her to sort the data by reference number and highlight lines if the reference number appeared more than once. Once that was completed, she was to create a new tab, rename it MATCHES, and move the highlighted items to that tab and to email it to me when she was completed.
She began this task at 1:15pm. I received the email at 4:55pm.
I went to my manager and expressed my concerns about Jan. My client is very demanding and wants information "Yesterday" when he requests something. I told him that I didnt think Jan was a good fit for the position that I had open and they we might want to consider reassigning her to another account or informing her temp agency that she does not need to come back. I now have a meeting Monday morning with my manager and HR to discuss this further.

Fun Fun Fun

Hope everyone has a great holiday! Hugs