May 10th, 2008


Yes I am here

Howdy All - Havent posted in a long time. Things have just been busy around here the past few months.

HOME LIFE: Things on the home front have been keeping us moving lately. Last month, we dug up the flower beds in the backyard around the pool, removing all the clay and rocks. After 2 truckloads of soil, we are now able to actually grow flowers and plants around the patio.
The next project is replacing some of the outside water faucets. Unfortunately, the shut off value for the house was buried 6 inches under dirt and clay and is rusted. No telling how long its been like that. I would replace it myself, but something like that, I need to have a professional do it. After that is done, I can then replace the faucets and do some of my own plumbing work around the house.
The front door still has not been replaced. We thought we had a deal with Home Depot to fix their screwup, but their corporate office only offered us a $1000 off the purchase of a new door. So, in essence, we would have to pay for 2 doors, costing us around $5000 (for a door that only cost around $2800. After threatening to take them to court, they finally agreed to replace everything. We're still working with the store on the specifics. So after 15 months of aggrevation, we might get the door replaced.

WORK: Things have been hectic at work as usual. So much that during Esprit de Corps weekend, I had to skip the Saturday play party to work. It was a great weekend though and I got to see quite a few people that I haven't seen in a long time.
I applied for a new position in late February, but didnt get it. It was a little bit of a stretch for me, but I thought I had a chance. I did make it to the final cut though. They had 25 people apply for the position. I made it to the final 5, so I can't be too disappointed.
My title in my current department is changing again. Just a title change again, no increase in pay. My title now is: Supervisor, Consolidated Financial Services. The title change is a result of our department merging with another department. We were told on Friday that as a result of the merger, an Assistant Manager position will be created. I am going to apply for it and see what transpires. I was talking to a manager in another department who is also a friend of mine. He told me that I am the opposite of what they are probably looking for. He grinned and told me that I actually have "people skills" and that I'm not a "micro-manager". I told him that those are reasons why I should get it. My philosophy is:
1. Show up to work on time
2. Keep your client happy
3. I dont care how your work gets done as long as it gets done and doesnt violate any of our SAS70 audit requirements.
4. Have a good time
I'll find out in 2 weeks if I'm selected

FAMILY: Bill and I are doing great. His travel schedule has been greatly reduced so he is home a lot more. He's not really thrilled about not being able to see his team on a more regular basis. It's hard to manage people, especially a team of trainers, when you only get to visit them twice a year. Management by conference calls and emails doesnt exactly work effectively.
Of course, I am happy that he is home more.
My parents were here for a few days last week. It was great spending time with them. Bill and I took them to see "Rain: Beatles Experience". It was a fun show. Spent a day at "First Monday" in Canton. Then they came over to the house and spent the day just hanging out.

Thats about it for now. I'll try not to let 3 months go by before I post again.