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update [Mar. 3rd, 2004|03:11 pm]
well I emailed a response back to my sister. and heard back. She said that after working all day she has no desire to sit and watch the news or read the paper saying there are other things that she'd rather do. I asked her what are her motives for voting for a candidate if she isnt informed. I also told her that I dont care who she votes for but that she need to be aware of the issues so she can make a clear judgement on the candidates.
I also refused to argue religion with her. My response to her on this was "the Bible has been interpreted many different ways over the years. that is why we have different religions. Anyone arguing religion can find scriptures to validate their point of view, and the person on the other side can do the same" I stressed to her that this was a civil issue and not a religious one, but she didnt see it. Oh well, I just keep sending her Bush feedback for the next few months.

Weekend was rather uneventful. Dad and I cleaned the house on Saturday, took Sparky for 2 long walks in the park, rented movies and just relaxed. sunday I went into work for a few hours to get a jump on payroll monday and monthend. which I'm still working on today.

Had a call from a head-hunter last night wanting to talk to me about a job. Took his name and number and told him I'd call him sometime tomorrow. I'm trying to find out if my salary is going to increase here at the CRO or stay the same. If I dont get a raise this year, I might have to start looking. (we were told last year there wasnt any money for raises in the budget) it will be interesting

well, i'm outta here