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update [Mar. 9th, 2004|01:35 pm]
Not much has happened since my last post.

Called the recruiter. Seems it's a sales position with an insurance company. I had to decline. I'm not a sales person.

Dad and I worked in the yard all weekend. Filled 8 bags full of dead leaves, branches, dead plants etc. It seems that the former owners did not believe in yard work at all. We chatted with our neighbors. Seems they didnt like Sophia and company either. Went to Home Depot and Lowes and bought some plants to plant along the house. Planning on going back to Lowes to look at some pave stones to build a wall around the front flower beds. They seem to flood everytime it rains.

Retaining wall in the back of the house needs replaced. It was put in 15 years ago when the pool was originally installed. It looks like its about ready to blow out in one area and that would be a mess to say the least. Waiting on quotes from a few companies to see what it is going to cost us. gonna try to get them to install a french drain along the side of the house, to get rid of the pond that forms everytime it rains.

Started ripping up the tile in the kitchen last night. ITs the self-adhesive stuff. Sophia and crew put the tile down before they put the house on the market, and did a half-assed job like they usually did. anyways, Sparky decided Friday night that two tiles were loose and he wanted to help them up. Not only did he pull them up, but ripped them to shreds. Of course, no extra tiles around. so I have to pull it up. luckily the floor underneath is in pretty good shape. Kitchen is the next thing on the project list to have re-done.

well, off to lunch and then back to work