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my weekend [Mar. 15th, 2004|12:40 pm]
Friday night, Dad and I left to go pick up our Living Air Classic at the UPS station at Walnut Hill and Monroe. Getting this thing has been a nightmare for the past few days.

--Shipper sent it to our old address. Even though we updated the paypal account to reflect our new address, for some reason, the address that the shipper got was the old place.
--called UPS Wednesday morning to tell them that it was being shipped to the wrong address and to send it to our new address. Customer service told me that they can't do anything until the day of delivery. I still dont understand why they couldnt put a note in the comments field to tell the driver not to deliver the package.
--Called UPS Thursday AM (day of scheduled delivery). I was told that I couldnt request a change to the delivery until the first attempt has been made. WTF - now I had to worry about someone signing for a package that wasnt theirs.
--Called Thursday afternoon and talked to another CSR. The first attempt was made. So now I could request a change of address to the package. I requested that it be sent to our home and that if no one was home to place the package on the back patio. They assured me that this was fine.
--Friday afternoon I get home from work and there is a sticker on the front window. Dad called UPS and asked them to hold it at the station for pick up. 30 minutes later the station called and told us to show up between 8pm and 8:30pm to pick up the package.

We show up at 8:00, Dad goes in to get the package. at 10pm, he comes walking out with the package. Seems they couldnt find it. and if we didnt pick it up that night they would have shipped it back. They found it still sitting on the back of a truck.

We were going to grab a bite to eat after we picked up the package, but decided to head to the Eagle for the DC bar night. hung out with some friends, downed a few drinks, smoked a cigar and headed home.

Saturday, we did some shopping and looked around for something to clean the linolium floor in the kitchen. Took Sparky with us to Petco and the pool store. bought him a few treats and a new toy. Headed home, rented a few movies and relaxed.

Sunday, we were supposed to head to the DC play party, but neither one of us felt like going today. Lounged around the house for a bit then decided to take Sparky for a walk in the park. Since the park is a frisbee-golf course, we bought frisbees the other day so we can play as we walked the dog. After jumping in the creek and rolling around in the mud, Sparky decided it was time to head home. Dad had a conference call so I worked on the kitchen floor. Headed out to grab something for dinner, came home, cooked dinner and watched television.

Still waiting for The Sopranos to pick up some action. Right now it seems sorta lame compared to other seasons. Watched the L-Word on Showtime and headed to bed.

so goes my weekend