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[Mar. 23rd, 2004|12:56 pm]
Not even April yet, and already my allergies are in full force. well, not like they ever go away anyways, but waking up at 2am to itchy watery eyes that are practically swollen shut is not a pleasant experience. We bought one of those Living Air Classic purifiers for the house, but for some reason, the square footage got dropped to 1000 sq ft. Wouldnt have been bad, if we had it in the bedroom, but we had it in the living room and it didnt reach to the bedroom. ugh.
We got 2 quotes so far to replace the retaining wall and install a french drain. One is $6000, the other is $2000, for the same thing.. either someone is making a killing or someone is way undercharging. waiting to hear back from 2 other contractors. the money pit continues.
I'm still waiting for my review at work that was due March 1. My boss postponed it again on Friday so that he could go shopping at Bass Pro Shop after lunch. I told him that it better be a good one. We were told that we would get a raise, but that it wont go into effect until May. They are looking into whether they are going to retro it back to March 1. We shall see.
Not much else going on. the parental units are coming the first weekend in April. planning on putting my father to work on some of the electrical things in the house. they are going to need something to do while I'm stuck at work, since my time off wasnt approved.
Sparky is recovering from his surgury on Friday. almost back to his normal mischievious self. for some reason, he likes his c-collar that the vet gave us to prevent him from chewing on his stitches. not that it does any good, he can still move his leg into a position where he can nibble on part of it.