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monday blahs [Mar. 29th, 2004|02:39 pm]
I love coming in to work to 50+ emails from people complaining that the system is down. Especially when I have no control over it. I just report the news I dont create it. It seems that the extract Saturday night failed and did not pull in data for Saturday. Our lovely IT department, did not look at the logs Sunday night when they pulled Sunday's information. Now I'm stuck here til after 6pm tonight when the extract is supposed to be complete, so I can analyze the pay roll information so that Pat can process it. None of us are happy right now. especially since we've been here since 6am
I finally got my review last week. I was rated as Commendable, which is the next to the highest mark. At least I get the full raise amount this year. not that its much.. 2-1/2 percent. I did get some good news though, after being in this position for 4 years, they are thinking about making it a director's position, which would mean a nice pay increase for me. I have to prove myself worthy of the title, so I'm gotten alot more responsibility than I had.
Weekend was ok. Friday night I wasnt feeling well, so Dad picked up dinner and we stayed in. Saturday we worked around the house a bit and went out for a few drinks. Surprisingly, when we went to the Eagle, it wasnt as packed as I thought it would be. Lotsa handsome men in town for TBRU. We chatted with a few guys, had a few drinks and headed home. Sunday, we lounged around most of the day. I cooked burgers for dinner and we watched the regular Sunday lineup of THe Sopranos and The L-Word.
not much else going on otherwise. besides feeling like someone is sucking the energy out of me. not sure what is going on with that. if it persists guess I'll be at the doctors office next week.