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damn...been a while since I've been on here. Here's whats been… - Mike's Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 8th, 2004|02:26 pm]
damn...been a while since I've been on here. Here's whats been going on

Parental units arrived in Dallas on Saturday for a few days. They drove from PA to Dallas. dont know how they do it every year. I drove home once.. 23 hours is too long of a drive to make by yourself.
Saturday, after they got here, we visited for a while at the house. got them checked into their suite (gotta love working for a hotel chain.. makes it alot easier to convince your parents that they dont need to stay at the house) Dad cooked dinner while I entertained the parents.
Sunday we went to Canton to First Monday. I didnt buy anything, Dad bought a few old salt/pepper shakers. I forget what the parents bought. Went out for dinner when we got back.
Monday, I worked from 6am-7pm so I could get Tuesday and Wednesday off. My boss wont let me take any time off unless I have a jump on things that need to be done. Went to dinner with my parents and cousin John that lives in Richardson.
Tuesday and Wednesday, my father and I spent the time re-wiring the house. It started out only to be an installation of a fan on the patio and a fan in the kitchen. seems the previous owners fucked all electrical up as well. I never saw so many extension cords cut and used to connect to wall outlets and ceiling lights. My father and I replaced those with actual electrical wire and re-arranged some of the circuits.
They left this morning to head back to PA. All in all it wasnt a bad visit this time. They didnt drive me crazy like they always do. I felt bad having my father work while he was down here, but as he put it, "we finally got to spend some time together" plus it made him feel that I needed him for something. My mom entertained herself by keeping Sparky company and taking him for several walks throughout the day.
oh well, lunchtime is over...back to work....ugh..