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Elvis and BBQ [Apr. 14th, 2004|12:56 pm]
Last night when I got home from work, Dad and I took Sparky for his nightly walk. When we got home we realized we didnt have anything sat out to cook for dinner. We looked in the paper and came across a coupon for BOGO at a local BBQ place. We decided to try it out and headed there to grab some dinner.
As we are sitting there eating, two guys start moving tables around and setting up a microphone and speakers. I thought "Karaoke at a BBQ place, how strange, but then again, this is Texas". Well, it turned out not to be karaoke, but a young elvis impersonator. Luckily we were almost done eating. and here I was disappointed that I wouldnt get to see American Idol last night.
After leaving there, I headed to the bank to do a few balance transfers so I could write checks to the contractors next week. Got home in time to watch President Shrub do his best to avoid directly answering questions by the press. He seemed to skirt every issue they brought up.. no direct and to the point statements.
Headed to bed and slept thru the night.
now sitting at work, working on projects, yuck