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Rainy Days and Mondays

Finally got out of work around 3:30pm on Friday. Got home around 4pm, changed in to a pair of shorts and took Sparky for a walk. After the walk, Dad and I decided that it was time to grab something to eat, so we headed to this new itailian place down the road from the house. Food was ok, service was horrible, atmosphere sucked. We wont be back. Grabbed a shower when we got back and got ready to head out.

Grabbed my leather pants, leather shirt and boots and we headed to the Eagle for the Lone Star Cigar Men bar night at the Eagle. It was a fun time. Got there early and chatted with JD and Larry. Smoked a few cigars, chatted with friends and had a few cocktails. Met this guy from Germany whose name now I cannot remember. Bearded bearish type of guy. Sorta looks like Dad's ex, Mike, from Atlanta. Dad and I both made comments that we wouldnt mind seeing him naked sometime.. I also believe the words "strapping", "paddling", "sucking", and "watersports" were mentioned.
After saying our goodbyes to people, we headed home around 1am. Got home and after a little fun of our own, feel asleep around 3am.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house and shopping for work shoes and tennis shoes. Rather uneventful day. Stopped at Hollywood Video and picked up a few movies. Watched "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "Gothika" Cheaper had me laughing and Gothika peaked my interest. Definitely a must-see rental.

Sunday, Dad's friend Frazier from Ohio called and said that he was in town with a buddy of his from OKC. They arrived around 2pm. We headed to Queer Town to have lunch and walk around. Spent a good portion of the afternoon listening to Dad and Frazier get caught on on things..
Headed home and watched the other movie we rented "Matrix - Revolutions". I had a hard time following the story line, we probably should have rented the other two Matrix movies first and watched them again. Oh well, I'm sure they'll be on HBO or Showtime soon and they'll run a trilogy special some night.
After that, I grilled some burgers and Dad and I ate dinner. Watched "24" on Fox. That shows continues to get better and better each week. Then watched the premier of QAF. Not sure if I like the opening theme yet, but its better than the last one. Most of the show was spent tying up loose ends from last season and a few hints as to the weeks to come. Looking forward to the season.
Recorded the Sopranos and Deadwood to watch tonight or sometime this week.

Overall, a pretty good weekend. Thursday, Dad and I headed south of the metroplex to go camping with the Discipline Corps. Should be a good weekend. Calling for thunderstorms all week and weekend. Landsite will be wet and muddy, but could make for some fun play as well.
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