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maybe i should have looked at this...

before I started complaining about my boss this morning.

Sagittarius: Apr 21, 2004
You want some more time to play, but the playground whistle may be blowing. Take directions without thinking unkind thoughts about the person giving them. Save yourself a lot of trouble by using your energy productively. You might not realize just how far you get until you look back in amazement. That sense of accomplishment ought to cheer you up.

but then again, he has it coming

Bitch #1: we are having all-employee meetings. we dont have them every month, but try to have them as often as we can. I find out today that we are having them tomorrow- the day I am taking off early to go camping. I have to prepare the presentation for the meetings and still havent found out what they want on them

Bitch #2: He has a meeting on Friday to go over March 2004 numbers based on the reports that I gave him earlier in the month. Last month, I was here til 8pm (i start at 7am) pulling numbers for him so he could include them in his report. I was prepared this month and have all of that completed already. But I'm still not allowed to leave until he sends off his report to his boss.

Oh and did I mention that he is out of the office all day today

I am so out of here tomorrow at noon. Going camping. No computer, No Cell-phone, No Pagers, and definitely No Work

UPDATE: 13:46PM. - Our staff meeting for today was cancelled yesterday. He just now informed us that the meeting will be today at 3pm. Gave me a list of things he wants to talk about in the meeting (not on the original meeting agenda). So I have 75 minutes to compile data for him. Luckily I have most of it handy. Just ticks me off that he expects me all the time to pull things out of my ass... No jokes please
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