Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend Camping

Got to the campsite around 4pm, set up the tent, realized that we should have bought a bigger tent, chatted with a few friends and just relaxed. Since the official DC Camp didnt begin until Friday, the campsite was pretty much empty except for 16-18 of us. Bill and Matt cooked lasagna for dinner and cake for dessert for everyone. Erik built a fire and we all sat around drinking and having a good old time.
Headed to bed around 1am. it was great laying there next to Dad listening to all the sounds in the woods. woke up early in the AM, woke Dad up in the best way that I know how to. threw on a pair of shorts and headed up to grab some coffee for Dad and I.
explored the play area a bit, put up some lights so that people could play when it got dark. got my butt whupped with Dad's belt a few times.. enough to put a smile on my face as he put it.
relaxed most of the day and sat and chatted with all the new arrivals
Saturday, we were on lunch crew.. grilled burgers and hotdogs for everyone. then it was time to play. the cub was flying high for a few hours after we got done.. have the marks to prove it too :-) before we headed to bed that night, I made sure that I thanked Dad properly for the session.
Sunday, we went to dinner with John and Erik. came home, watched some tv, and headed to bed.
and thats the weekend. need to do that more often.
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