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HS Reunion [Apr. 27th, 2004|01:42 pm]
I was checking email this morning and came across an email from my cousin asking me if I was going to fly back to PA for my 15-year Class Reunion in August. Other than Tanya (my cousin) and my other cousin, Dreu, I have not talked to anyone that I graduated high school since my 5-year reunion. I skipped the 10th one because of the attitude of people at the 5 year reunion. No one seemed to change. It was like we were back in high school. Everyone was still in their own little cliques. From what I heard, the 10-year was the same.
I'm trying to understand why they feel that we need to have a 15 year reunion. what is so special about 15 years. I could maybe see having one every 10 years plus having one for the 25th year reunion.
This years reunion is being held at... Betty Lou Svonavec's Barn.
Yes, that is correct.. in a barn that has been re-done to hold receptions.
catered by Chuck Wagon Catering

and my parents wonder why I always head to the liquor store when i come home to visit