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Since we cant get married in Texas [Apr. 29th, 2004|09:57 am]
and since civil unions arent legal either, Dad and I are looking at ways to protect one another in the event that something happens to the other. Last night we met with a financial planner who suggested some policies, but we would have to buy separate policies designating the other as the beneficiary. Now if we were allowed to get married, we would be entitled to a joint policy at a cheaper rate than paying for 2 separate policies.
so now we are considering forming a legal partnership or corporation between us and have everything roll into the corporation. That way as equal stakeholders in the entity, we can work it that the other maintains ownership in the event that something happens to the other.
my question is to other gay couples out there:

Since gays cannot marry, what do you do to ensure that you or your partner is protected in the event of ones death or disability??

any advice would be great appreciated