Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

The Weekend

Friday - Came home from work to find a naked man relaxing in my pool. Of course, I had to strip out of my clothes and jump in with him. Wrapped my arms around him and gave him a long kiss. Must be nice to get off work at 2:30 in the afternoon. We relaxed in the pool for a while, then decided to get dressed and head out for dinner and a movie. Stopped at our favorite Thai restaurant and then headed to the theater to watch "Man On Fire". got out of the movie and headed home before the downpour of rain began.
Saturday - We went to a friends house for a Kentucky Derby party.. which was a fun time. lots of beer, jello shots, food and good times with friends even though the temp outside was in the 60s. Got home around 6pm and headed to Mike and Tony's for dinner. Ended up playing cards til 2am. Was a good time. we need to do that more often
Sunday, neither one of us was feeling too well, so we ended up staying home all day. Relaxed and watched some tv.

all in all a good weekend. now stuck at work doing monthend bullshit.. cant wait for Friday to get here
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