Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend Happenings

Got home from work and caught up on the days happenings with Dad
Took Sparky for a walk since we havent taken him for a long walk in a few days.
Grabbed a shower and headed down to Ojeda's for a bite to eat before heading to the Eagle for Discipline Corps bar night.
We got to Ojeda's around 6:20pm, and since there was no wait, we got seated immediately. Ordered our dinners and about 10 minutes later, our food arrived. Normally this would be a good thing, but we were expecting a wait at the door and expected our dinners to take longer than 10 minutes. Needlesstosay, we were at the Eagle by 7:20. Just in time for the conclusion of Happy Hour. Crowd was slim to say the least. At one point, it was just JD (Bartender), another guy, and Dad and I. Finally, some fellow DC brothers arrived and the crowd began piling in. About 1am, Dad and I decided to head home to Carrollton.

Sparky had me up at 6am Saturday morning. Tried to get him to go back to sleep so I could sleep, but that wasnt gonna happen. Dad woke up around 8:30am and I took that as my chance to catch a few more ZZZ's. Finally work up around 10am and started working on the laundry and straightening up the house. I soon learned that Sparky had been crawl thru the gate to the spare bedroom and destroyed what was left of the box springs to the bed. We needed to get new boxsprings anyways, but wanted to wait a few months anyways. Oh well
Since we didnt eat lunch, we decided to head out for an early dinner and a movie. "Van Helsing" was on my must-see list, so after eating at Norma's Diner, we headed to the theatre where it was showing on 4 screens.
Dad and I both liked the movie. Hugh Jackman was a great choice for Van Helsing. the chemistry between Hugh and Kate Beckinsale was right on. Definitely a movie to see on the big screen rather than on a television. Story line was ok. not the greatest, pulled in alot of cliches for other movies, but the special effects were awesome
Got home around 8pm and just relaxed with some drinks and snacks.
It was bad movie night on the television. Dad and I just basically laughed at the bad acting.. saw some movie with Tracy Lords at an FBI agent who is working on a case about a stolen microchip in LA during an earthquake. People have complained about the special effects in the NBC movie "10.5", they should see this movie. It was definitely laughable.

Woke up Sunday and plopped myself on the sofa to watch some news. Dad cooked a breakfast of bisquits/gravy, sausage, and eggs.. Yumm. love it when he cooks.
Grabbed a shower and headed to the DC Play party. We got there about a half hour before our duty shift started, so Dad and I spent the time chatting with a few of the guys. right before our shift, Uncle Matt approached Dad and asked if he could borrow me for a while. A few minutes later, I was out of my clothes, and strapped to a cross. Matt used various floggers and his belt on my back and butt. After an hour, I was flying high and having a good old time. Dad and I were going to play, but Dad felt that I had had enough and after chatting some more and watching a few other scenes going on, we headed home.
Since it was cloudy out, and the wind was blowing, we decided to skip the pool and heated the spa. 2 hours later, we got out and I started cooking dinner.
Ate dinner which consisted of ribeye, rice and brussel sprouts, and watched our normal Sunday lineup.. Sopranos, and Queer as Folk. Recorded Soul Food and Deadwood to watch later in the week.

Now I'm here at work. When I got here this morning, I found out that somehow over the weekend, my password had been changed and that someone had tried to access my account, only to lock me out of the system. Checked my work email and avoided the stupid whining questions I get from the sales agents. Sometimes I feel like responding with "B-O-O-H-O-O". These people bitch and complain about their incentive and want us to go back to the old system. Some of these people make more in incentive in a paycheck than I make regular salary. No, I cant be sympathetic with them. anyways, enough of the rant.
almost time for me to head home for the day and then its off to the pool I go.
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