Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

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working on setting up utilities for the new house. electricity is done.
telephone service is a big pain in the ass. seems SBC doesnt offer services in the area that I'm moving to, so according to their rep. I will lose my email accounts, yahoo id and anything else I have connected to my sbc-yahoo dsl account. and it only took me 30 minutes talking to 8 different csr's to learn that. gotta love customer service these days.
Dad is looking around to see what services are available for us in the area. we might just drop back to ao-hell, but really dont want to depend on them for internet connection again.
this really sucks. and now its almost 3pm, my normal quitting time and I'm stuck here in the office because the senior vp wants to meet with me after his current meeting to go over a few things. i love my job :(
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