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Allergies day 2 [May. 12th, 2004|02:15 pm]
So I ended up going to dinner with the President of the company along with my boss and 6 co-workers. couldnt pass up a chance to eat at Silver Fox in Grapevine, especially since it was a free meal.

Got home around 9pm. Dad had just got finished watching "24", well the last 10 minutes of it. Thought I had set the DVR to record it, but it didnt.

Headed to bed around 10pm. Took an allergy pill, hoping that it would work finally. nope, I was up every hour on the hour last night.
Looks like its time to make a trip to the Dr and get some steroid shots. those seem to be the only thing that works when it gets this bad.

anyways, since I put in 11 hours of work yesterday, I'm heading home early today, gonna pop a few more allergy pills, and crash for the night. I did want to go to cigar night, but thats the last thing i need to be doing right now.