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Friday Friday Friday [May. 14th, 2004|01:00 pm]
Well, the two days of problems with the allergies turned into a bad sinus infection. I ended up taking Thursday off work and staying in bed all day. Still felt like crap today, but had to go to work because I cant get a VPN connection to work at home.

Dad and I will probably stay in tonight. I'm still not feeling up to speed and a night out at the bar is something that I really dont need right now. Of course, I did have an English professor in college that swore that Jim Beam cured all. Hell, he'd even give you a shot in class if he felt you needed it.

Work on the retaining wall around the pool has finally begun. The new drainage system was installed Wednesday and the new wall was started yesterday. luckily, we didnt get as much rain as previously thought last night or there could have been major problems with the pool pump and heater. Hopefully they will finish it today, and then Dad and I can start working on re-landscaping the yard. We are planning on ripping out the rest of the shrubbery ans starting new again. The fence and retaining wall will need to be re-stained so that they match in color. Yes, I am picky about that. plus the fact that the previous owners only stained visable parts of the fence. again, they did things half-assed.

Other than that, not much else going on. Watched the series finale of Frazier last night and the season finale of ER. Tonight will be a good night to stay home, rent movies and cuddle up on the sofa with Dad.

well, back to work so that I can get out of here at 3pm today.