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Weekend Happenings [May. 17th, 2004|10:52 am]
The weekend was spent mostly working around the house

Got home from work Friday around 4pm, to find out that the retaining wall was completed (at least the workers had cleaned everything up and left). Walked around to take a look at it and noticed that it was a full 8-12" shorter than the other wall. so now there is a gap between the fence and the retaining wall, where people driving in the alley, can see right into our yard. So no stripping down when I get home from work to jump into the pool right now.
Dad called Gary to bitch about it. Gary's reply was "well, I measured it to be 36" and told them to make it 3 feet high". We measured the wall and it is only 32" high and the original was at least 40" high. He said he would be out Saturday to take a look at it. The french drain system that they put in, is not angled enough to drain completely. The catch basin stays 3/4 full at all times. We are going to make they dig it back up and fix it right. The quote he gave us was for 100' of 6" pipe. We checked the pipes out and he only put in 4" pipe. I'm sure this is going to be a fight with him, but I still owe him $1200 for the work he did, and he isnt going to get any more until everything is done as we specified in our original agreement.
The previous owners when they installed the fence, besides making it fairly uneven across, only stained the portions of the fence that were visable at that time. (i.e. did not stain behind any of the shrubbery). Needlesstosay, when the retaining wall was replaced, the landscaping went with it. So now we have to re-treat the fence. We stopped at Lowes to buy some fence cleaner and to look at stain.
Friday night, we headed out to dinner and rented movies.
"Big Fish" - good movie, but tended to drag on at some parts.
"Chasing Liberty" - typical girl meets boy movie, girl falls in love with boy, girl finds out boy is hiding something from her, girl crys-boy apologizes and declares love, girl goes home, girl realizes she made mistake, flys back to boy, they fall in love. it was ok, but once you've seen one, you've seen them all
"Calender Girls" - was much better and funnier than I expected.

Sparky woke me up at 7am Saturday. I took him for a short walk, gave him some food and attempted to go back to sleep. But once Sparky knows one of us is up, he wants to keep us up. Rather than have him wake Dad up, I got out of bed, got dressed, closed the bedroom door and headed to the living room. Turned on the TV and tried to catch some z's while Sparky played with his toys. No such luck. Dad got up and I cooked breakfast. We then started to work on the fence and doing some yardwork. We finally got the fence done and decided to relax. Friends of ours had a guest in for the weekend, so we decided to catch some dinner and head to the Eagle to meet them. Typical Saturday night at the Eagle. I think the DJ must have a sensor in the booth to tell him when the bar reached a certain capicity, because at one point the music began to blare and you could not hold a decent conversation inside. So we headed to the patio. Hung out there for a while chatting with some friends and smoking cigars. Headed home around 1am. After some good sweating hot sex, we finally fell asleep.

Sunday started out as a repeat of Saturday. Up at 7am. Headed to Lowes to buy rollers for the stain. Stopped at the store to pick up some fixins for breakfast. Came home, started on breakfast. Dad had just got out of bed and was watching some tv. We ate breakfast and started to work on the fence. We decided on a redwood stain for the fence. Note to self - before staining anything, only buy a gallon of stain and put in on a small area to see what it looks like. It turned out to be a little darker than we wanted, but still looked good. I need to get a few brushes so that I can touch up some areas and also get some remover to clean the metal poles on the fence. We got the outer exterior of the fence done and started to work on the inside. It was about this time that I started having some chest pains. A chest cold, allergies and fumes from the stain do not make a good threesome. Into the house I went, where I crashed on the sofa for a few hours. Dad used the remainder of the stain on the one wall. We will need to head back and get more stain this week so that we can finish the project this weekend. I might stop tonight on my way home from work so that we can work on it in the evenings this week. That way we will have the weekend free to start working on putting in some plants in the yard.
Watched our normal Sunday lineup of television. Talked to my parents and called my sister to see how she was doing since she had Haley. Found out that she almost bled to death after the delivery and that her heart had stopped momentarily during the delivery too. She said that this is definitely the last kid she will have. With her heart troubles, she cant risk having a third child.
Headed to bed around 10. Couldnt fall asleep right away, so just laid there, laying my head on Dad's chest, listening to his heart beat and breathing. Not sure what time I actually did fall asleep, but know I did wake up a few times throughout the night.

Alarm went off at 5:30am this morning. Had some coffee and headed into work.

another note to self - sun screen is a good thing. putting it on your shaved head when you are working outside all day in sunny 80 degree weather is a good thing. maybe next weekend, I'll remember that (rubbing head which is still very warm from yesterday)