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Random Thursday Thoughts [May. 20th, 2004|01:06 pm]
Last night, Dad and I decided to forego our weekly trek to the Eagle for Cigar night and instead headed out to dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant.
After a great dinner, we headed off to the theater to see Shrek 2. Great movie, although I didnt love it as much as I loved the original. of course I am still going to buy it when it comes out on dvd. But I stll liked it. Maybe just a few too many references to other movies and Hollywood. Nice to see that they showed Shrek with a nice furry chest. some facial hair would have been nice, but cant have it all I guess.
Tonight while Dad is off to the DCAL meeting. I'm going to work on cleaning the house. We sent Sparky off for puppy school at Mans Best Friend for two weeks. We really didnt want to do it, but over the weekend while we were walking, he decided to bolt and started running up the street. Since he loves to go for rides in the car, I hopped into my car and drove along side him, opened the passenger door and in he jumped. after that, we decided we needed to bite the bullet and fork over the cash for puppy bootcamp. Only thing that sucks is that we cant visit him while he is in school :-( damn, feel like a parent here watching my kid stay over at a friends place for the first time.
Other than that, things are ok. Still waiting to hear back from the landscaper on the retaining wall that he screwed up. He was at the house sometime yesterday because some boards that were near the retaining wall were placed up on it. OH well, if he wants his $1200 we still owe him, he'll fix things.
Jumped into the pool last night before dinner.. water temp is now 84. Felt good. would have been better if I could have stripped the entire way down, but since people can now see if under the fence, me getting naked and people seeing my furry big ass isnt a good thing.
Work is going ok. Has its up days and its down days. I've been doing alot more analysis lately on things, which is good for me. something that actually related to why I was hired in this position 5 years ago. Right now I am evaluating the RSA incentive to see how the increase in payout to the RSAs correlates to their revenue generating ability. fun fun fun.
well, back to work here.