Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend Happenings

Friday night, got home from work to see that the retaining wall was fixed, the carpets were being cleaned. Dad was sitting outside smoking his cigar. All was fine in the world :-)

I went back to the bedroom and changed into a pair or swim trunks. Didnt want to freak the carpet cleaning guy out. figured the pierced nipple and chain around the neck would take care of that. Jumped in the pool and just relaxed for a while.
After a while, it was time to eat. Dad said that he placed an order for Chinese and told me to head to Hollywood Video to pick up some dvds for the night. Rented 3 this weekend. Kill Bill Vol.1 (yes I am behind the times here), The Last Samurai, Master and Commander. I ended up falling asleep during the Last Samurai. I guess getting up at 5am is starting to take its toll on me. Cant stay up past 10pm
Saturday morning, Dad woke me up around 8:30 and wanted to know if I wanted to head to the new DCAL space to help move equipment from the old space. I had a few chores that I needed to do around the house, so I told Dad to go without me.
When he got home at 2pm, I had most of the chores done.. While Dad took a nap, I watched the rest of the Last Samurai. Dad woke up around 4pm and asked if I wanted to head to the Eagle to show our support for Brenton who was in the contest for Leatherboy. We got to the Eagle around 7pm, early enough to avoid the $5 cover charge. Why they charge for these contests, I'll never know.
We sat there watching the contest and the entertainment, drinking our rum/diets and chatting with friends. After the contest, I struck up a conversation with David while Dad went to talk to a few of his friends. Next thing I know it is 1am and this cub is 3 sheets to the wind. It was definitely time to head home.
Not sure whether it was something I ate or drank or the combination of the two, but this cub was sicker than a dog on Sunday. I couldnt manage to keep anything down, water included. One minute I was hot, next minute I was cold. I became good friends with the porcelin goddess most of the day. Finally around 8pm, I started to feel better and was actually able to keep water down, so I decided to try to eat some dinner.
Watched the Sopranos. Was sorta shocked that one character got the ax, cause I wasnt expecting it. It will definitely make for a good storyline, especially to see how Carmella reacts to it. Then again, we never saw what they did with the body.
Watched QAF after that, and then Six Feet Under. Headed to bed around 11:30pm as I wasnt exactly tired

So I talked to Dad about my dream about Scott. He said that maybe it was my self-conscious telling me that it is time to move on and let it go. Funny thing is, I thought I had. Guess there are more unresolved issues there than I thought. Maybe one of these days, I'll take the time and write an email to him. dont know if I'll actually send it, but it might do me good to write things down and direct them to him.

ok... 1:30pm here. 2 hours to go, then its time to head home, strip naked and get into the pool :-)
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