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The Toils and Tribulations of the Cub - Mike's Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Toils and Tribulations of the Cub [Jun. 8th, 2004|02:21 pm]
This is a long post, so to protect those that dont wish to read this lovely rant of mine, its behind here

Rant #1 - Back
Last week I started to notice that I was having a sharp pain in my back on my left side. Figured it was a result of ditch digging the night before. Friday morning I woke up and I could walk but it hurt like hell. After downing a few advil, I headed into work. I managed to stick it out for the day, came home and soaked in the hottub for a while, thinking that it would help. Saturday when I woke up, same thing. So now its Tuesday, then pain is still there, so I decided to call a chiropractor to get an appointment. When I gave them my info from my id card, it came back that my account has been terminated. So I contact HR who informed me that we are being issued new ID cards and that I should have mine in the next week. So meanwhile, no chiropractor. and back pain means ....no sex for the cub right now either.

Rant #2 - House
I really do like this house.. really I do. Its just that the previous owners did so much shit themselves and did it half-assed, that Dad and I are now forced to spend money to fix it up. So now I'm trying to work on a game plan so that Dad and I can fix things up for the least cost possible so we can start enjoying the house more. Since we purchased the house in November, we have had to lay out:
$2000 for the pool. Granted Sophia had to pay $5000 of it and the $2000 we paid was for some additional things we wanted done to it (i.e. new motor for the pool pump)
$2350 for a new retaining wall and drainage system. Original retaining wall was never braced properly and since the drainage system collapsed a few years back (and never repaired) the wall started to buckle.
$900 to remove shrubs that were so over grown that they were practically trees and were planted next to the house.
Those were the major projects that had to be done ASAP. Other things include: re-wiring the house-minimal cost thanks to my father;new valve for hot water heater that was installed improperly and was leaking gas

Rant #3 - Work
Usual stuff here. My boss gets an email from his boss asking if I was able to do a project for him. My boss responds that yes I can. Project due: before I leave today. When did I find out about the project? 10 minutes before my normal departure time.
another work rant - no more internet access unless strictly work related. one of the managers in the office somehow downloaded something that they shouldnt have and it affected the servers.

Ok I've ranted long enough and not nearly as much as I could have, but all this is doing is making me more irritable today.

I guess I'm just in a funky and foul mood these days. I think what I really need is for Dad and I to get some time off and get away for a few days. A little R and R sounds good. I'll have to bring it up to him tonight.

On a good note. There are two guys walking around the office today changing out lightbulbs. One-shaved head, goatee, stocky, Two-ballcap, goatee, average build. There are 2 sets of lights in my office and both needed fixed. Two men, Two ladders. Me-sitting at my desk drooling at being able to see under their shirts and seeing a carpet of hair on both.. Score one for the cub. In fantasy, the door would go shut, the paperwork cleared off the desk and the cub would be putting a smile on both of their faces. In reality, the light gets changed and both head off to the next office

Well, since its pouring rain outside, I'm heading to the living room to lay on the floor and entertain Sparky for a while. Maybe a good play session with him will get me out of my mood.