Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Last night was our second session with the dog trainer and Sparky at Mans Best Friend. Continued working on the Sit, Down and Stay commands. This week Greg threw in some distractions (bouncing ball, door opening, people walking past). Much to our surprise, Sparky staying in the stay position during all of it. the only time he got out of it was when another dog walked past. That will be our task for the next week. Getting him to stay while another dog(s)are in the room. Should be interesting.

Dad stopped by Hollywood Video and picked up a few DVDs to watch. Since there is nothing on television these days, we watched two of them last night.
1. 50 First Dates - had me laughing the entire time. same old Adam Sandler type flick. Drew Barrymore was hilarious.
2. Mystic River - one word - WOW. great movie, great acting, great story.

So glad today is Friday. Working until 4 today, then heading home. stripping down and getting into the pool. supposed to be in the 90s today.
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