Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Weekend Recap

Friday night after I got home from work, Dad and I watered the lawn. We decided to head out for dinner and stopped at Los Lobos, a little mexican restaurant near us that we have never been to. I doubt very much if we ever go back.
We got back home, watched Along Came Polly and headed to bed. Exciting, huh? Both of us were pretty much beat from the week and a good nights sleep was just what we needed.
Saturday, woke up and started cleaning the house, while Dad mowed and did the trimming outside. Went thru some paperwork that was shoved in a box and decided that I need to start filing things away again instead of shoving them in an old cigar box. Dad cooked dinner and we had a few drinks. Relaxed and watched some TV and headed to bed around midnight
Sunday, I woke up and started the coffee. Took Sparky out for a short walk and came back inside to get some coffee. Sparky decided that it was time for Dad to get up and took off for the bedroom, jumped on the bed, and licked Dad in the face. Did a few things around the house and decided to head out for a drive. Stopped at Lowes to look at more plants. We were going to go to Studio Movie Grill for lunch and a movie, but 4 out of the 5 movies playing we had already seen and the 5th one didnt start for another 90 minutes. We then headed to another movie theater to watch "The Chronicles of Riddick" Special effects were ok, storyline was painful to say the least. Several people actually got up and walked out.
After the movie, we headed home where I grilled some steaks and sweet corn. Watched Six Feet Under and Queer as Folk.
If you are a Six Feet Under fan, and didnt see last nights episode. Make sure you catch it sometime this week. The opening scene where a lady dies is priceless. Had Dad and I rolling on the floor laughing.
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