Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Tuesday – one more day closer to Friday

Only a few more hours left to this work day. Heading to the Chiropractor tonight to see if I can get my back put back into order. After that, not sure what I’ll be doing. Dad is in training all day and then has a dinner with the training class that he cant miss. This means that I’m on my own for dinner. Right now, I’m thinking Thai sounds good.

Things at work today are typical. I finally decided to shut the door to my office, turn up the radio a bit and just relax for a bit. The computer that I now have doesn’t have speakers in it, and I keep forgetting to bring in my old computer speakers from home. Tonight when I get home, I’ll try to find them and put them in my car.

Last night was rather uneventful at home. I got home at the same time Dad did. I took Sparky out so he could do his business and came back inside. Grabbed a few things to munch on and laid on the floor beside Dad. Not sure when, but I fell asleep and Dad headed out to the patio to smoke a cigar. I woke up with a huge headache and headed for the bed. Took a short nap and was feeling better. Watched some television and the news and headed to bed. Of course, since I napped, I wasn’t tired, but decided to lay in bed anyways. It was a night of sleep two hours, wake up, fall back asleep, wake up, until the alarm went off at 5:15am this morning.

Oh well, back to work here.
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