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Friday [Jun. 25th, 2004|12:08 pm]
Sitting here waiting for the damn plumber to show up to repair/replace my garbage disposal. He was supposed to be here between 9am and noon. It is now after 12..grrrrr The Home Warranty that we bought last year states it is fully covered, minus our $50 deductable. So it better be, this will be the third time I've had them to the house. First 2 times, they wouldnt cover it because the previous owners installed the items themselves. If they refuse this time, my evil side is going to come out, and let me tell you.. it is not a pretty site.

It looks like my email post earlier this morning didnt come thru. wasnt anything special.. just a song I had stuck in my head thanks to a radio prize giveaway last night. The song: Theme from The Amazing SpiderMan

Wednesday Night - IMAX Theater , I'm there. Gonna try to talk Dad into the midnight showing Tuesday night, but doubt if he'll feel like it.

Called the plumber at 12:15 to find out where he is. Told me he is running behind and that he wont be here for another 45 minutes. Told him I had a Drs Appointment at 4pm today, and that I had to leave here by 3:30pm. He said he'd be here
Just got off the phone and told them to reschedule for Monday. Damn, a whole day wasted waiting for him to show up. Luckily I could work from home today. Gotta call the boss to see if I can do the same on Monday.
side note: the home warranty is sending the same company that they sent a few months ago. Definitely eye candy to look at. Too bad he is hopelessly straight. 5'7", stocky, beard, furry chest from what I could tell the last time, and furry crack. Ya know I had to walk behind him when he was working here the last time and see if I could see plumber's crack