Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Can this day move any slower?

Seems everytime I look at the clock today at work, its only one minute later. Maybe its because I put in an 11-hour day yesterday.. Heck I dont know. Good news is I get to leave on time at 3pm today and head to the chiropractor. Now if time would just speed up just a little.
Weekend was rather uneventful. We were supposed to go to a pool party on Saturday that John, a member of Discipline Corps, was having. But since it was raining we decided to skip out. I havent really felt like going out to the bars either lately. I'd rather just sit at home and relax. Rent some movies, make Dad and I a drink, grab a cigar and just chill. I seem to wind down from my week better by doing that.
Friday night I stopped at Hollywood Video and rented some movies. Surprisingly, the ones I thought I'd like, I didnt. and the ones that I'd thought would be "just ok" were actually quite entertaining.
"Secret Window" was not as good as I expected. Too predictable. No real suspense to it. You knew ten minutes into it what was going to happen.
"CAMP" - was much better than I thought it would be. It definitely had me laughing. The acting was terrible, but once you got thru that and just took in the dialogue, you'd hear some classic lines.
"House of Sand and Fog" - wasnt sure what to expect here, but the synopsis on the dvd was enough to intrigue me. Turned out it was a very enjoyable movie to watch. You couldnt help wanting both sides to somehow win in the situation, but both sides were hell-bent on having it their way. In the end, nobody wins.
"Spartan"- it was just ok.. I've seen better, and I've seen worse.

Well, lunchtime is over. Back to work.
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