Mike (txlthrson) wrote,


I was so psyched to see "Spiderman 2" on the IMAX screen here in Dallas, so imagine my surprise when I checked out the movie website today to see that "Harry Potter" was still playing this weekend on IMAX
I called the theater to find out why and could not get an answered other than "But we are showing it on 4 screens"
So I emailed Cinemark corporate office to inquire as to why a major movie was not being shown on IMAX on its opening night/weekend and why a movie that has been out for 3 weeks is still being shown. This is the response:


Unfortunately, we will not be able to show "Spiderman 2" at the Cinemark IMAX
until June 23rd when it opens in the new DMR IMAX format. This was a last minute
decision by Sony, so prints still need to be made.

However we will open "King Arthur" in the 35mm format at the Cinemark IMAX on
July 7th.

If you have any additional questions, you can also reach us directly at

Thank You

Sony wasnt thinking too clearly now were there.. So tonight I'm heading to see it one of their larger screens at 7:45. IF any one in Dallas wants to join us, Dad and I will be there around 7pm to stand in line to try to get some decent seats. We'll be at the Cinemark 17 at Webb Chapel and 635.

well, off to a meeting.
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