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Thank "insert your favorite diety here" Its Friday [Jul. 2nd, 2004|11:54 am]
I dont think this week could have moved any slower. But I'm glad that Friday is upon us and that I have a 3 day weekend. and I am so ready for it. Not sure what we are doing yet. I thought about packing up the tent, piling in the car, and heading somewhere to camp for the weekend. It would be good to get away and Sparky would enjoy himself I'm sure.

We saw Spiderman 2 the other night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A few people asked me if it was better than the first one. That is hard to say. If you love action, you'll love the first movie more. The first one did little to develop the characters and left you with little interest in them. The action scenes are what sold the first one.
Spiderman 2 focused more on character development. Yes, the action sequences that were there were great and the CGI was 100% better than the first movie. But in Spiderman 2, you get to see Peter's struggle with being a superhero and his desire to be a normal guy. You see Mary Jane's struggle with trying to move on despite her love for Peter. You see Harry's struggle with his Dad's death and his anger towards Spiderman. You also see Harry's stuggle with his perception of his Dad as a business man. Trying to prove himself to his father even though his father is dead. You see Aunt Mae's struggles in dealing with Uncle Ben's death in the first movie. The movie throws alot of this at you. But it makes the movie. Combine this with the action.. Its a fantastic movie.

Well, my weekend is about to start. Happy 4th everyone