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Things that have annoyed me today

For some reason, I seem to be in a foul mood today. Everything seems to annoy the hell out of me.. Here is just a sampling of things that have annoyed me since I woke up at 5am today

1. Trying to catch a few extra zzz's by hitting the snooze, only to be kept awake by Sparky licking my face. (ok, this didnt really bother me, I needed to get up anyways and play with him before I left for work)
2. Noticing that the 3 posts I made over the weekend somehow didnt make it to my journal
3. Almost getting clipped driving to work by a lady on a cell phone who decided at the last minute that she needed to get off an exit and shot over 2 lanes of traffic.
4. People who email me, after I have sent them a link to where all the information that they asked for is located on the corporate server, saying "Thanks for the link, Mike, how do I get a user id and password." my response, "ummm, could the directions be listed under the heading, 'USER IDS'"
5. People who when asked by a property if 2001 Property Billing Rates are correct, responds, "Yes, they are." and said person makes 25K more a year than I do. Luckily she copied my boss on the email and we caught it before the owner of the property demanded a refund of all "over-charges" since billing rates have indeed gone up
6. Corporate I.T. decided to take the server down that houses the reports that I use to pull reports. Again, they forgot to tell me that they were taking it down. Said it should be up by 8pm tonight.

So yes, I am having a fun filled day at the office.
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