Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

Happy Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy

This past week has been hell to say the least. Some of the highlights of the past week have been:
1. Dad was in training all week, so I was home alone. I did manage to get some things down around the house, but couldnt sleep at night. Might have managed 2-3 hours of off/on sleep each night
2. While watering the plants around the pool, I slipped and fell in. Yes, it is funny now.. But at the time, I was pissed. Soaking wet from head to toe, fully dressed, ruined a perfectly good cigar. I was not a happy camper
3. I had 5 major projects due last week. So I locked myself in the office for 12 hours each day so that I could get them done. Probably another reason why I couldnt sleep.
4. Air conditioning went out in my car. Somehow I gotta come up with the funds to get that taken care of.
5. Team Leaders at work are hounding me to get their incentive done early so that they can get their bonus. I have until August 15th to get it done. That was until today, when my boss told me that I had to have it done by Friday. I asked what happened to the 45 day rule, and he said he was tired of them bitching to him about it. So now I have to bust my ass to get it done before Friday.
6. I cant get a room at one of our hotels in Pittsburgh when I arrive on Friday because its sold out. My flight doesnt arrive until 11:45pm. It'll probably be 12:30am until I get the car.
Option 1 - Drive home from airport
So if I decide to drive home, i'll arrive at my parents at around 3am. I am planning on surprising them and 3am would be a surprise, but I'd rather be somewhat awake when I first see them.

Option 2 - Friends
I used to have some close friends in Pittsburgh when I lived there, but havent been in contact with them in almost 3 years. Kinda tacky just to call out of the blue and ask to crash.

Option 3 - Priceline/Hotwire/Other travel site
I checked Hotwire and the cheapest I could get so far is $57 for the night. Which isnt bad, but isnt great.

Other than that, things are going ok here.

Emailed the coordinater for Inferno and said that we wont be there this year. On the plus side, I now have 9 days of vacation to use before November.

oh well, off to call some garages to see when I can get my A/C fixed in my car.
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