Mike (txlthrson) wrote,

I shouldnt care, but I do

So I was sitting at work chatting online with a few friends when I came across an old friend of mine from Pittsburgh. I told him that I was heading to Pittsburgh to see my family. George was one of the first people I met when things between Scott and I started to fall apart. George and his partner, Jim, were the ones that convinced Scott that just because I was playing on a gay softball team, that I wasnt sleeping with the team. Scott was also able to become friends with them as well. We did alot of things together as couples as I tried to convince myself to stay with Scott. Having other people around, made life with Scott a little more bearable.
so back to todays conversation..

George: Hi how are you?
Me: doing well thanks..and you?
George: good here Mike
George: have you been in touch with
Me: no i havent
George: he was at Roseland 2 weeks a go
real Pig they lined up to fuck him in the
barn lol well that is between cig breakse
Me: lol...glad he had a good time :-)
actually havent talked to him in a long
Me: hell, i think its been about 5 since I've
talked to him
George: he has a death wish i know 3 guy
that fucked him are hiv pos and did it bare
backd s
George: o well its his lif\
George: life

ok, so I shouldnt care that my ex has a death wish. but I do.. is that wrong? I just want to grab him by the throat and shake some sense into him. but then again, why should I bother? like he would listen to what I had to say anyways. But Scott and I watched a close friend of ours die from AIDS. Scott knows what John went thru. John was one of the first people in the Pittsburgh Area to be diagnosed with HIV. Scott was there when he found out. When I met John, he had been HIV+ for 12 years. I knew John for 4 years before he passed away from a heart attack. So why would Scott knowingly put himself at risk for a disease that his best friend had, knowing what John went thru each day of his life.

the worse thing about all this is now I'm letting this bother me. and honestly, that bothers me more than what Scott is doing to himself. why am I making this about me, when it has nothing to do with me.

my analytical mind is just spinning right now and I want it to stop NOW!
knowing me, I'll be up all night thinking about this

UPDATE: I decided to go straight to the source and sent an email to Scott. Seems George was trying to get a reaction out of me and to say something bad about Scott online. Seems George tried to do something similar by saying some things about me to Scott. Funny, George was attempting to get his kicks by bringing up some past drama between Scott and I, and it actually got us in contact with one another for the first time in 6 years.
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